The Effect of Swimsuits on Drag Force

 The objective of this experiment was to find out which swimsuit material reduced the drag force on a body in water the most when pulled across a pool.  Each swimsuit, one red (smooth nylon/spandex), one green (Teflon-coated nylon/spandex), and one black (rough nylon/spandex), was fitted onto a mannequin, which was pulled through the water by a drill at a constant force.  A force sensor placed between the drill and mannequin measured the drag force on the mannequin which was recorded on the LoggerPro system.  Three two-sample t tests were run to find out if the drag force reduced by each swimsuit was significantly different.  The red (smooth nylon/spandex) vs. green (Teflon-coated nylon/spandex), the red vs. black (rough nylon/spandex), and black vs. green results were all statistically significant, meaning all three swimsuits significantly reduced the amount of drag force on the mannequin when compared to each other.  This study and its results will help competitive swimmers know which swimsuit material will reduce the drag force on their bodies the most.


Research Done By:

Ashley Charon
Cousino High School

Tina Knirk
Sterling Heights High School