Wind Speed: Causes and Applications

 The main objective of this experiment was to accurately determine the factors that influence wind speed, as well as interpret the patterns of wind speed in our area so that the effectiveness of wind energy can be determined. Wind velocity, as well as wind direction, was recorded by the minute over a fifty day time period. Also, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure information was collection daily from a website. By analyzing this data, not only were the trends analyzed in great detail, but also it was verified how the various conditions in our area serve to alter the effectiveness of harnessing wind energy. Despite no reasonable model for determining wind direction, it was found that change in temperature and humidity not only have an inverse relationship with each other, but each have a direct relationship with wind velocity. Although with an average wind velocity of 1.9 mph our data falls a bit short of the standard minimum required velocity of 2mph for energy output from a wind generator, any wind will contribute to the overall power production, and through research of this manner, society as a whole will continue to grow more educated on the future of alternative energy.


Research Done By:

William Fecteau
Cousino High School

Christopher Klerkx
Cousino High School