The Effect of Blowgun Length and Dart Fin Length on the Firing Speed of Blowguns

 This experiment tests the escape velocity of blowgun darts when subjected to differently sized blowgun dart fins and blowgun lengths.  Blowguns of different lengths (3, 7, and 11 feet long) were used to fire blow darts with different fin lengths (2, 3, and 4 centimeters long).  An ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriance) test was used to determine the magnitude of difference between the data sets.  The hypothesis, stating that the long blowgun/long blow dart combination would fly the farthest, was rejected.  The medium blowgun/short dart length flew the fastest.  This experiment will help those people that still hunt with blowguns (a large population still today), giving them information on what length of blowgun and fin to use.


Research Done By:

Brendan McNeilly
Warren Woods Tower High School

Brian Verkinderen
Cousino High School