Effect of Angle, Color, Wattage, and Type of Light Bulb on the Intensity of Light

In this experiment, the researchers measured the effect of type of light bulb, color of filter, and wattage of light bulb on the intensity of the light created, measured in lux.  The goal of the experiment was to discover which of the combinations produces the greatest intensity of light and which, if any, of the factors impacted the intensity of light in order for the findings to be compared to the current construction of vehicle brake lights.  The LED, fluorescent, and incandescent light bulbs with the high, low, and standard wattages for each type were placed in the lamp which was in the constructed box that included the red, white, and yellow light filters.  The results proved that all the factors and their interactions were significant.  The high type, low color, and high wattage proved to be the most efficient.  Since automobiles are used as primary transportation in most places, these must be able to transport their passengers in an efficient and safe manner.  The use of brighter and more intense brake lights in cars will lead to drivers being safer on the road. 

Research Done By:

Michael Audette
Cousino High School

Rebecca Prus
Cousino High School