The Effect of Water Flow and Water Drop Height on the Power Output of a Water Wheel

This experiment’s purpose was to determine if there was an effect on power produced by a water wheel when drop height and water flow are altered.  To perform this experiment, a high, low, and standard value for water flow and drop height were chosen.  They were chosen based on the size of the wheel constructed and values that were similar to rivers and water sources.  These values where used for a two-factor design of experiment (DOE).  There were six sets of DOEs run and power was collected based on varying the drop height and water flow.  The power produced was measured using the LabQuest and a voltmeter and amp meter that were attached to the LabQuest.  The effects of drop height and water flow for the power produced was calculated and the results did not show a significant difference in the values.  Therefore it cannot be concluded that drop height of the water or water flow effected the power produced by a simple water wheel.

Research Done By:

Daniel Chan
Cousino High School

Audrey Hutton
Centerline High School