Measuring the Force of the Coanda Effect through Manipulation of Pipe Radius, Nozzle Height and Oil Viscosity

This experiment was conducted in order to understand the force that comes from the coanda effect. It is questioned whether or not the force from the coanda effect will be different given a change in the radius of the pipe being used. Motor oils of different viscosities were chosen and then dripped over the pvc pipe so that the stream of motor oil hit the side of the pipe and ran downwards. The nozzle height where the oil came out from was also manipulated. A force meter was attached to the pvc pipe after drilling a small hole in the side, and this was used to take the reading of the force throughout all the trials. After looking at the data and doing a design of experiment it was clear that the only real variable that determines the force is the radius of the pipe.

Research Done By:

Mario Cale
Sterling Heights High School

Ian Kenney
Fraser High School