How Does Bike Tire Diameter and Generator Spindle Diameter Effect the Magnitude of Power Produced Over Time

The purpose of this experiment was to see which diameter of bike tire paired with different diameters of generator spindles would create the best output of power. This experiment would be helpful to society in providing efficient and economically friendly means of renewable energy. This experiment was conducted by attaching a mountain bike and a BMX bike, kept stationary with a bike trainer, to generators and comparing the recorded the power output. The data was gathered and it was analyzed using an ANOVA test to determine any relationships between the data of separate groups. Upon analyzing the data from the ANOVA test and by viewing the box plots, it was determined that there is in fact a statistically significant difference in the means of the data. There is a less than 0.1% probability to obtain values of this extreme stature if the null hypothesis of the ANOVA test was actually true. Judging by the box plots, the Large Diameter Bike Tire and the Small Diameter Spindle created the most significantly different data.

Research Done By:

Neil Kaczorowski
Lake Shore High School

David Conklin
Lake Shore High School