The Effects of Number of Magnets and Input Current on Voltage and Output Current

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of the number of magnets on a spinning wheel and the input current to an electromagnet on output voltage and current from a single coil. Each property was tested while the other was kept constant. In each experiment, three distinct values of the independent variable were used. For each value, the current and voltage generated from a single coil of wire as the magnets on the wheel spun by it were measured. The relationship between the number of magnets and input current was determined through interpretation of data and a DOE. The results from these experiments can greatly impact the field of electric motors and, in general, fields of electromagnetic induction.

The experiments of this research produced four distinct results. The results of the data analysis and the DOE indicated that voltage and output current decreased as the number of magnets increased. Similarly, the voltage and output current decreased as the input current increased. Though the data theoretically contradicted the accepted theories behind the experiment, due to many magnetic fields interaction with each other, the data differed from the expected results.

Research Done By:

Trent McDowell
Cousino High School

Nicholas Pienta
Cousino High School