The Effect of Stick Flex on Puck Velocity

In this experiment, the researchers tested the effects of different hockey stick flexes on puck velocity. They performed the experiment using a homemade pendulum made of PVC piping to provide a consistent method of contact. The hypothesis stated that the stick with the highest flex that the bungee cord could flex would yield the highest puck velocity. The medium flex stick (flex rating of 55) yielded the highest average velocity, with the bungee cord only exerting about 60 — 65 pounds of force. From these results, the researchers concluded that if a hockey player wants to optimize his or her slap shot performance, he or she should choose a stick that is not too stiff or too flexible. If the stick is too flexible, it will flex even when the player is not shooting the puck, and the player will not be able to store a lot of energy in the stick without nearly breaking the stick. If the stick is too stiff, the player will not be able to flex it enough to store any energy during a slap shot (reducing the speed of the shot).

Research Done By:

Colton Ryntz
Sterling Heights High School

Nancy Tran
Warren Woods Tower High School