The Effect of Saddle Material on Note Sustenance

Musicians are looking to change how their guitar performs and this experiment will clear up how the saddle material of an electric guitar effects the note sustain. Steel, brass, copper, and PVC saddles were tested and the slope of the change in decibel vs. time graph was analyzed. To test the saddles, each trial was randomized to reduce bias, and the string was strummed with a strumming device to ensure equal force each time. The sound was recorded with a microphone that analyzed the decibel level and then transferred the data to a computer. After the statistical analysis it was determined that the steel had the longest sustain followed by brass, then copper, and then PVC. This result was expected since steel was the hardest saddle material to deform and would like wise take less energy away from the string. Brass was the next hardest saddle material followed by copper and then PVC.

Research Conducted By:

Michael Milhim
Sterling Heights High School

Michael Pracius
Warren Mott High School