Monitoring Fan Speed to Manipulate Magnetic Fields

The problem studied in the experiment was to determine the longevity and deterioration of rare earth magnets by running computer fans over a period of time to measure a drop in the speed of the fans. The fans were run over a period of twelve hours and their fan speed was measured at the end of the twelve hours. The fans were disconnected from the batteries that powered them and the fan speed was recorded after twelve hours. Voltage was recorded every three hours. After the twelve trials were completed, the data was determined to match up with the hypothesis, that there was no significant effect on the fan speed and magnetic field strength of the fan based on the usage of the fan. This experiment is relevant and important in the scientific community in being able to determine when magnets will deteriorate and how much usage will wear the magnetic field strength down. This applies in appliances such as refrigerators and cars, in which magnets need to be running at its best to function properly.

Research Conducted By:

Jacob Stanczyk
Sterling Heights High School

Omar Wajeeh
Sterling Heights High School