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The Sterling Heights High School Scholarship booklet is designed to aid students and their parents as they research scholarships opportunities. Students will find scholarship opportunities from national and local sources, colleges and universities, private foundations, and corportations.This booklet represents only a fraction of available scholarship oppertunities and students are encouraged to search the web, visit their public library, read the many books published on scholarships, and listen to school announcements throughout the year.

The deadline dates listed in this book are approximate. Students should search the online addresses listed in the booklet for further information on the scholarships as well as to access online applications. While information may be available in East Center, it may not be current; therefore, the website is the most eficient way to access up-to-date information and applications!

1. Attend the visits by college representatives which are held at Sterling Heights High Schools throughout the fall months. Pay attention to the dates and be sure to sign up in East Center.Ask for scholarship information from colleges you are interested in attending. While many are listed in this book, many other opportunities are available.

2. Be aware of deadlines! Do not wait until the last minute to begin your application complete it neatly.

3. When asking anyone to write a letter of recommendation, please give that person sufficient time to do so. Do not suppose that anyone will be able to meet your personal deadline(especially if you have procrastinated until the final moment). If you need an official transcript,please give your counselor and the counseling secretary at least 48 hours. Remember... Your deadline may not be theirs!

4. Finally, meet with your counselor on a regular basis as you prepare for graduation and college. Make an appointment in East Center so the time is set aside to meet your needs.


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