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Drawing & Painting, Foundations, 3D Design


Drawing & Painting

Students will develop their observation and accuracy skills as they progress through a variety of classroom assignments such as still life drawings, perspective drawings, portraiture, figure drawing, and painting. A wide range of drawing and painting media may be used such as graphite, charcoal, India ink, pastel, oil pastel, color pencils, water and acrylic. Students will continue to develop compositional understanding by applying the elements and principles of design to their sketches/drawings. A variety of artists will be studied as students discover how they are relevant in art history and to the individual student's work.

Art Foundations

Required course for all other art courses. Students will develop the fundamental skills needed for a solid foundation in the visual arts. The elements and principles of design will be introduced through the exciting exploration of various 2D media and techniques. Composition, observation, and rendering skills will be emphasized. The structure of the class will consist of guided exercises, class projects, artist videos, group discussion, and critiques.

3D Design

Develop their skills in creating 3D objects such as clay projects, cardboard masks, etc. Students will create projects such as cardboard masks, cardboard molds, clay sculptures, and creating something out of recycled items. Last year, the 3D design classes created a giant treasure chest for the school.


Art by WMHS Students.


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