Class Outline

(Taken from Warren Consolidated Schools High School Course Description Guide.)


Foods and nutrition 1

"Students will learn about food management, preparation, measurements, selection, storage, and serving foods leading to more advanced skills and concepts. Students will discover the relationship of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle."

Foods and nutrition 2

"This course explores the development of skills in advanced food preparation creating healthy snacks, meals, and introducing students to culture and cuisine. Dietary guideline concepts will help influence students to make healthy choices."


The two teachers that teach foods here at Warren Mott are Mrs. Blondin and Mrs. Arcori.

Mrs. Blondin

Ext. 13231 Room 106

Contact Mrs. Blondin.


Mrs. Arcori

Ext. 13224 Room 224/231

Contact Mrs. Arcori




1. What's your favorite part of being in Foods?

-"My favorite part is cooking food in class and being able to eat it" -Tyler Jabara

-"I love cooking in groups" -Julian Lockett

2. What does the class teach you?

-"Being in the class, you learn about safe procedures in the kitchen as well as the foods we eat. "-Julian Lockett


-"This class has taught me valuable lessons in the kitchens." -Tyler Jabara

3. One word to describe the class

-"Gnarly!" -Tyler Jabara


-"Radical!" -Julian Lockett