Welcome to wmhs precalculus

Precalculus is the third course in Warren Mott's advanced mathematics sequence, with the primary goal to providing the students with the skills necessary to have success in AP Calculus or college. The pace will be quite speedy and the tests and quizzes will be very challenging. But the students will be pushed harder than they have been in previous mathematics classes. We will be covering functions, trigonometry, probability and limits. Success in this class will be dependent upon the growth and development of the individual student’s mathematical ability.


  • Isaac Newton was only 22 when he discovered Precalculus/Calculus and preferred not to publish his discoveries, meanwhile in Germany Leibniz discovered Precalculus/Calculus independently and was very open about his findings.


Fun facts

  • Precalculus/Calculus is used in the design and construction of houses, buildings, bridges, and computers.



  • Harvard, the oldest college in the USA, had no Precalculus/Calculus because it wasn't even invented yet.