2D Design

Specialize in 2D design through drawing and painting.

3d Design

Utilize clay and other resources to bring your ideas to life.

Community Service

Work on public projects and display your art.


Be able to express yourself through your work, like no one can.

What is Art Club?

This is Art Club, a place where students gather after school and let their creativity flow. With the assistance of the art teachers here at Mott, students will be able to explore different forms of art and be in an environment with others just like them. What is art varies, but this club allows one's individualism to shine.
Currently, the project taken on by the Art Club is to improve the restrooms in the school. The students and teachers have teamed up to add their own unique flair of design by painting murals above the sink. Art Club is most definitely making its "mark" on the school. Join now and you can contribute!