Welcome to Warren Mott High School MYIG!

Michigan Youth in Government is a program that allows students to travel up to Lansing, and set up a mock Congress to discuss issues important to them. These issues will be written in the forms of bills and proposals then face the challenge of getting passed by their former peers. The bills that end up passing could even become law in the State of Michigan! This allows students to have a voice and defend the issues they're passionate about. Many schools at Michigan go to attend this one year event. This is a wonderful place to uphold your opinion, and meet new people.

Students will be staying at a hotel or other building close to Lansing. Out of four days students will be given an opportunity to travel up to Lansing and conduct business. In addition to Lansing, one day before the end MYIG will host a dance, and delegates (which is you) will elect the new governor after listening to their stances on current issues.

This wonderful opportunity is available to students of any grade.


Capitol Ceiling: By Dave Parker - Own work, CC BY 3.0

Capitol Outside: CC BY-SA 3.0

Capitol House: By Steve & Christine from USA