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When your legs can't run anymore, run with your heart.



  • What is Cross Country?

    Cross country is a Varsity Sport at Warren Mott that values endurance, teamwork, sacrifice, and self-discipline. The top seven runners on the team make-up the Varsity team, while everyone else is in JV. Those on JV can move up at any time by posting better times than the previous varsity runners. The top five runners in the five kilometer race are the scorers, with their places equaling the points. The best and lowest score possible is 15 points.




  • Boys Grade   Girls Grade
      Nicolas Austin 10   Amber Brozowski 12
      Mahdi Chowdhury 12   Emily Prenkocevic 09
      Brendan Crawford 12   Erin Steller 10
      Benjamin Dillabough 9   Eva Yu 10
      Parker Forrest 11   Justine Hickey 12
      Matthew Hickey 11   Lucy Broadwell 10
      Marcus HIme 9   McKenna Hoover 10
      Donovan Jackson 11   Nataliya Krasiy 10
      Kenny Jensen 12   Sam Susalla 12
      Andy Jonhston 12   Sierra Pomorski 12
      Dakota Jones 11      
      Timothy Lam 9      
      Collin Moorer 9      
      Andre Saffar 10      
      Brett Vanhoy 9      


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