As governed by Michigan Public Act 12 of 2014, the District has developed a comprehensive safety plan partnering with the Macomb Intermediate School District Emergency Management Division, the Michigan State Police and local law enforcement. These plans are biennially reviewed and updated as necessary with the main goal being the safety and security of all Warren Consolidated School students, staff, and properties. Each school conducts a minimum of five (5) fire drills every school year. Each school also conducts a minimum of two (2) tornado safety drills. Warren Consolidated schools has adopted the A.L.I.C.E. method of response to a critical incident. The District conducts a minimum of three (3) active event drills at each school and facility. The District’s Emergency Preparedness plan along with annual training provides our students, staff and community with the confidence and knowledge to react to a threatening incident.


In 2018, the State of Michigan passed a new law, MCL 380.1308 b (1), which requires the District to conduct a biennial review of the vulnerability assessment described in our Emergency Operations Plan. The District uses the “K-12 School Security Survey” developed and published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This information is used to assist the District with maintaining a safe and secure environment.


The Warren Consolidated School District, in conjunction with the local emergency responders have developed plans to protect students in the event that an emergency or disaster occurs. The plan includes safely reuniting students with their families. The success of the plan depends on your cooperation. The plan includes policy and procedure for lockdowns, fire drills, disaster drills, evacuations, which are practiced several times per year, and student reunification.

It is vitally important that you have completely filled out an Emergency Contact for the school. Make sure you have a minimum of two (2) other individuals listed on the emergency contact with valid contact numbers authorized to pick-up your child in the event a parent/guardian is not available. Be sure to share this plan with those individuals listed on the emergency card.

Know your child’s:

Teachers Name

Media Resources for Updates and Information

Off-Site Evacuation Student Reunification

  1. DO NOT go to the school if students are being evacuated to a site off campus.
  2. Your child will be safely transported to a predetermined safe location off campus.
  3. The media resources listed above will provide you with information to the evacuation location.
  4. Upon arrival you will be instructed to the student reunification area.
  5. YOU MUST SHOW VALID PICTURE ID and sign a release form.

On-Site Student Reunification

  1. Follow instructions provided by the media resources listed above.
  2. Upon arrival at school, follow school staff and emergency responder’s direction.
  3. Park in designated areas only.
  4. Enter building using the designated entrance.
  5. Upon arrival you will be instructed to the designated student release area.
  6. Exit building immediately after picking up your child using designated doors.


  1. DO NOT go to the school. Per police orders, no one will be allowed to enter school during lockdown.
  2. DO NOT call the school. It is important to keep home and school lines open.
  3. Refer to the above media resources for updates and information.
  4. Once the lockdown is over school officials will decide whether school will continue or a student release will be ordered.


  1. Follow same guidelines as off-site evacuation reunification or on-site student reunification.


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