Alumni — Class of 2012

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NameHigh SchoolUniversity
Adil, Mahboob Fitzgerald Michigan State University
Anderson, Corinne Lake Shore Michigan State University
Behnke, Jessica Cousino Siena Heights
Bimberg, Shawn South Lake Wayne State University
Bisson, Ryan Fraser University of MI - Dearborn
Buchanan, Catherine Mott University of Michigan
Chan, Carl Cousino University of Michigan
Chowdhury, Seyadul Fitzgerald University of Michigan
Cicalo, Amber Cousino University of Michigan
Conklin, David Lake Shore Wayne State University
Conley, Pamela Center Line Michigan State University
Dorchak, Gabrielle Lakeview Wayne State University
Drabik, John Warren Woods Tower Wayne State University
Elias, Margaret South Lake Central Michigan University
Feld, Lydia Sterling Heights Eastern Michigan University
Fleming, Seth South Lake Oakland University
Freckleton, Michael Cousino
Gale, Dylan Cousino Western Michigan University
Gallis, Kristi Cousino University of Michigan
Gerebics, Ashley Fraser University of Michigan
Ginzinger, Alec Warren Woods Tower Oakland University
Gregg, Alex Mott Western Michigan University
Grewal, Abhi Sterling Heights Oakland University
Harthorn, Andrea Center Line Ferris State University
Hilliard, Haley Sterling Hieghts Lincoln Memorial University
Johnson, Nick South Lake College of the Desert (CA)
Kaczorowski, Neil Lake Shore Wayne State University
Kane, Michelle Cousino Lake Superior State University
Kellar, Dale Cousino Cornerstone University
Khatri, Hajra Sterling Heights Wayne State University
Kluz, Samantha Sterling Heights Wayne State University
Krolczyk, MacKenzie Cousino Oakland University
LeBeau, Rebecca Cousino Michigan State University
Lin, YaLing Cousino University of Michigan
Mariani, James Sterling Heights Michigan State University
Martin, Arielle Fraser Wayne State University
McClusky, Christian Cousino Oakland University
McDowell, Trent Cousino Wayne State University
McKee, Kyle South Lake Michigan State University
Meerschaert, Rebecca Cousino Wayne State University
Morrell, Brittany Center Line University of Detroit Mercy
Moyers, Emily Center Line Saginaw Valley University
Nicaj, Nua Sterling Heights University of Michigan
Oughton, Katie Mott Michigan State University
Pauls, Stathis Mott Wayne State University
Pienta, Nicholas Cousino Wayne State University
Potis, Scott Sterling Heights Oakland University
Ringle, Eddie Sterling Heights DigiPen Institute of Technology
Roach, Amanda Cousino Wayne State University
Ross, Paul Mott Oakland University
Ryntz, Colton Sterling Heights University of MI - Dearborn
Salet, Dominic Sterling Heights Oakland University
Shahreen, Sanjana Sterling Heights Wayne State University
Smith, Zach Sterling Heights Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Spicer, Brittany Mott Ohio Wesleyan University
Stabile, Paul Cousino Michigan Technological University
Stadler, Kristen Cousino Oakland University
Synyutka, Oles Mott University of Michigan
Teno, Jason Mott University of Michigan
Theut, Jake Sterling Heights University of Detroit Mercy
Tran, Nancy Warren Woods Tower Wayne State University
Tylenda, Joel Sterling Heights University of Michigan
Vogel, Ellyse Fitzgerald University of Michigan
Watripont, Amber Cousino University of Cincinnati
Wlodek, Randee Clintondale Michigan Technological University
Zhen, Amy Clintondale University of Michigan